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The Wayfinder is an 8 week program for people feeling stuck, stagnant, and professionally restless in their careers. 

Limited enrollment for the pilot cohort of this digital program will open on November 29, 2021, and the program itself will run from January 10 - March 5, 2022. Participation in the program includes the following:

  • 5 online learning modules

  • self reflection activities guided by your digital workbook 

  • access to The Quad, our private online community, for peer reflection and networking

  • 6 live group calls to deep-dive into learning content and connect with other subject matter experts

The Wayfinder helps you sort-out what you actually want from your career, create a plan to get there, and move from anxiety to action, all with the help of a supportive community of people experiencing the same things you are.

Program Investment: $500

Your Class Schedule

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Class 1:
Know Yourself

In this class, you’ll get clear on who you are, what’s truly important to you, what drives you forward, and how your definition of success shapes what you want from your career. 

During This Class You'll: 

  1. Get clear on the values that are important to you and inform your behavior and assess the alignment between your values and your work

  2. Uncover your Productive Passion -  how you want to save the world and what you’re willing to put up with to make that happen

  3. Define what success looks like for you (not for your dad, your sister, your cousin’s friend who’s really into Crypto, strangers on the internet, random dinner party guests, etc., etc.)

Class 2:
Grow Yourself

In our second class, you’ll gain critical insight into your strengths, your unique professional superpowers, and what types of work lights you up and makes you feel like you’re thriving, not just slogging along until Friday. We'll also talk about mindset: what it is, why it's important, and how to shift it to help you get sh*t done.

During This Class You'll: 

  1. Take self assessments to help you understand your strengths, how they show up in the workplace, and how they can help you identify the types of work that allow you to thrive

  2. Understand different types of mindsets, why they're important, and their effect on how we show up to work

  3. Learn how to cultivate mindset shifts

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Image by Tony Hand

Class 3:
Protect Yourself

In this class you’ll learn about how and why burnout happens, strategies for managing it today and avoiding it in the future, and how to start detangling your self-worth from your productivity.

During This Class: 

  1. Understand what burnout really is, its tie to the stress cycle, and what feelings and factors make burnout more likely

  2. Learn to employ strategies that allow you to manage present-day burnout and prevent future burnout episodes

  3. Discover the roots of tying your self-worth to your work and how to start putting healthy distance between the two

Class 4:
Check Yourself

In this class you’ll assess whether your professional restlessness is a signal that you need a job change or if it makes sense to leverage your existing professional capital to make your current role work better for you. 

During This Class Yourself: 

  1. Discover the importance of professional capital and learn how to leverage it to allow you to be intrapreneurial or to jobcraft your way to a role that better aligns with your strengths and values

  2. Clarify whether your professional restlessness would be best solved by a job change or a job re-craft

  3. Understand the options available to you should you choose to leave your current organization

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Image by Ryan Johns

Class 5:
Direct Yourself

In the final class, you’ll set goals for yourself, create a plan to make them happen, and develop your Career Credo to help you call back to what’s important to you when you feel yourself getting off-track.

During This Class You'll: 

  1. Complete a goal-setting exercise to help you articulate what you want for yourself, when you want it by, and how you’ll get there

  2. Create your Career Credo to solidify your strengths, values, and career goals and to give you guidance if you find yourself stuck in the future

  3. Develop strategies to help you stay accountable to your goals and keep your forward momentum


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